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Somebody Is Watching You
Trend Net IP 110W

Older FirmWare allows Viewing on Private Channels

It isn’t often I get to burn the Old Man (Tcat) so you may understand my particular delight in this filing. It turns out that ‘someLuser’ posted a blog regarding some Trendnet Cameras with a huge security hole. I happen to know Tcat put some Trendnet cameras on the ‘do-it’ list in a security survey for a resort in Costa Rica not too long ago.

I’m giving Trendnet the nod of approval for promptly confessing to the flaw and updating the firmware. Looking at the specification sheet for the Central American gig, I can see most of the Trendnet cameras are not impacted as they are different models. However the outside lobby camera and a couple maintenance shacks are.

The Old Man is offline since he is in some aluminum can at 10+ KM up in the air somewhere. In the meantime, if you have a Trend net  you need a firmware update.



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