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Scam-O-Rama – Part 1

Scam-O-Rama – Part 1

A typical FreeLancer Scam

As the economy has turned upside down doing a little work on the side can make a difference between Happy Days and Praying for a Lump of Coal in the stocking. At least lump of coal would represent some heat.

Seth Godin takes on marketing changes in a blog post seven days a week.
Certainly, he is no stranger to decrying selling on price, or as he calls it the race to the bottom. Based on observations and my own personal experience, the race to the bottom is in fact, bottomless.
Consider the reverse auction site,  HTTP://
Looking at this specific reverse auction bid , You’ll notice there are 34 bits at an average price point $7735 USD. The title for the bid is: Bad review writing for a scam reporting site. I am the last and 34th bidder.
The pay looks good offering $12. to $20. For 600 word articles, with the need of over 3000 unique pieces. They state no payment will be made until the 150 articles are done. There are several curious points, all of which scream the word Scam-O-rama by linkmaster123, and freelancer in general.
Of course, ‘the employer’ wants to see some sample work. I spent several hours putting together based on real-world information to be pinned against an Australian pharmaceutical website, selling, among other things ‘female Viagra’. What that turns out to be is: generic Viagra, made in India with a binder that is pink instead of blue.
It was not too difficult to find statements from the FDA and the Mayo Clinic exposing this “Wonder from down under Scam Site”. I put the piece together with a little bit of help from a real female friend who lives in Australia, and turn the work in.
I got a reply suggesting that some of the more humorous sections are not befitting a person who is pissed off. In a polite way, I told them to piss up a rope. This was because my writing was based on a real world, real woman really in Australia.
They came back with great write some more. I responded with I am not spending weeks writing with no guarantee of payment. From their utter silence, until the date for the agreement expired. I’m not sure how gullible the other 33, bidders were and if they turned over more than one article.
Even making the assumption that everyone else only gave him one shot, the unscrupulous employer walked away with 34 articles, paying nothing to nobody.
I suspect I’m fortunate. I’m a editor and reporter for TRCBNews. I am not dependent on the promise from slimeballs.
Certainly I can detail others were more desperate and been taken for literally hundreds of articles on the promise to pay, which never comes.
Certainly I am busy with documenting like crazy other Scum Lords. While a fair amount of my time outside of TRCBNews is going towards my latest book, Baja Corruption, I promise this will not be the last Scam-O-Rama piece in 2011 for
And you are looking for all gloom and doom from me, sorry to disappoint you. I have met some wonderful individuals, and have nothing but praises for some other websites. Alas, they will have to wait their turn for their moment of glory,
In the meantime I would like to close with, if you are even thinking of spending more than 2 seconds of your time @, the phrase “abandon all hope ye who enter here” is appropriate. Certainly there are a small percentage of honest employers at the site and are naïve enough to believe that reporting the south side of the track employers to freelancer would actually do something. As it is beyond my crystal ball to find that would needle in the haystack of crap. I must summarize with avoid if you value your time.

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