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Lake County National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Grayslake

Lake County National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Grayslake

Naval Station Great Lakes Cmdr. Robert Sullivan was the keynote speaker at the Lake County National Day of Prayer Breakfast on Thursday at Country Squire Restaurant in Grayslake. The main reasons why he prayed included Gratitude for green grass, dealing with months of separation from his wife and seeing the sun on the horizon.

Sullivan said that prayer was exceptionally important within their ranks and it meant to address loneliness, boredom, stress and the demands for everyday life according to Navy.

He also focused on the significance of prayer in the military. He shared an army saying which said that there are no atheists in foxholes. This moment made the audience chuckle, which were more than 100 in number.

He also said that prayer had helped him all his life, coping with the time he had spent away from his wife. 10 out of 18 years of his marriage life, he had to life without his wife but prayers helped him and kept him connected with his local spiritual community while away.

No matter the religion of attendees, Lake County National Day of Prayer is about uniting everyone in prayer, according to Barbara Richardson, who coordinated the event.

She said people from every “facet of Lake County” were present at the seventh annual prayer breakfast.

Like Detachment 801, Richardson recruited Deacon Michael Penich of St. Paul the Apostle Church of Gurnee to offer a prayer on Thursday. He prayed that all the children grow in strength, wisdom and maturity. He also prayed that their parents have the courage to raise their children in such a manner. His prayer was a source of delight for the crowd. He said that prayer has to be included in our lives because it is a communication with the God who created and gave everyone lives.

Photo by hpebley3.

3 Responses to Lake County National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Grayslake

  1. flynavy76 says:

    No atheists in foxholes, eh? That's an unfortunate and ignorant comment I would not expect from an esteemed leader, an executive officer. I, for one, AM an atheist and a proudly serving active duty member of our nation's military. I've served more than 13 years and on 3 deployments including in the Middle East. XO, I respectfully request you retract your statement.

  2. aveteran says:

    Perhaps there are no atheists in foxholes because they're too crowded with believers cowering in fear, while the athests are doing their duty.

    It's obscene for ANY officer to be spewing ignorant vitriol like that, not to mention a violation of military regulations for him to disparage atheists. He needs to step down and let someone with HONOR take his place.

  3. Tim46 says:

    Is that because the foxholes are full to the brim with warmongering religious fanatics?