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Jaylyn Ducati New song for release May/April 2012

Jaylyn Ducati New song for release May/April 2012

Jaylyn Ducati is what dance music has been missing. She’s a super sexy singer who actually writes…ahem I repeat writes her own songs. What makes her so very special is not only the fact that she can sing her ass off, but that her songs are so unique in sounds and lyrically.

She creates haunting melodies followed by captivating lyrics. Her songs have meaning and heart, not just about shaking her ass and popping bottles in the club. With her new single “Disco Dangers” produced by
the extraordinary gentlemen and remixed by the Grammy award winning dubstep phenomenon Skrillex , it equally touches in pop vocals over a dance/ dubstep track.
Jaylyn sings about being chased by a crazed stalker, who ultimately wants to kill her. But if you take a minute to listen to the metaphorically written record, there is a much deeper underlying objective. The song, when interviewing Jaylyn, is actually about her real life experience with a man whom she says, “almost drove her to the edge.” She explained that he enjoyed hurting her and watching her cry, and that
he never intended to love her, she also explained that no matter what he did she couldn’t find the strength to get away.

“Disco Dangers” hidden meaning is that Jaylyn loved this man so much that she didn’t want to put up a fight, when heartache almost killed her. The twist of the song that reels the listener in, is the line “ I feel like Marilyn Monroe tonight” which at first listen can mean she feels glamorous and sexy, but when explained by Jaylyn , means she was so in love with this one man that she came close to self destruction as did Marilyn when she was alone in her room on her last night alive.

Sample Here:

Expect to see a lot of Jaylyn because there is no question that this girl is America’s next new generation superstar.

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