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Imran Khan Beats Opposition Leader Nawaz Sharif And Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani As Most Popular Leader of Pakistan

Imran Khan Beats Opposition Leader Nawaz Sharif And Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani As Most Popular Leader of Pakistan

According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) Chairman Imran Khan has overtaken Nawaz Sharif as the most popular leader of Pakistan. This is good news for PTI Chairman Imran Khan who has seen his popularity rise in the last two years. However, the news was not as positive for others such as Nawaz Sharif or the Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani.

Last year in 2010, it was PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif who was the most popular leader of Pakistan. PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif had the rating of 71% in 2010. However that has declined to 61% this year. The declining popularity of the establishment leaders are sending the signal that the tides may be turning against them. The Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s ratings are also down, from 59% to 37%. Pakistan Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani’s ratings also dropped from 61% to 52%. (Pew Research)  Imran Khan’s popularity ratings increased from 52% in 2010 to 68% in 2011, a rise of 16%.  Imran Khan was the only leader on the list to see an increase in popularity. 

The overwhelming majority of Pakistanis (92% according to Pew Research) do not believe that Pakistan is heading in the right direction. Although Nawaz Sharif’s party is considered the “Opposition” in the Federal Government, they are in alliance with the PPP in the Punjab Provincial government. The recent rise in popularity of Imran Khan is no coincidence. He has been traveling and holding rallies throughout Pakistan. With the recent popularity of the PTI rallies in Karachi and Multan, the signs are pointing to Imran Khan’s popularity to rise even further in the months to come.
“This survey shows that PTI has consistently reflected public opinion and in fact as the surveys have come later and our point of view has been expressed earlier, I must say that people have also followed and adopted PTI and Imran Khan’s point of view.” Dr. Arif Alvi, the Secretary General of PTI said. He added that PTI provides “A leadership which is truly inspirational.”

In order for Pakistan to overcome the crises it currently is facing, it needs good governance. The rise in food prices, declining law and order, the electricity shortages and the rise in unemployment has contributed to the decline in the popularity of the present leadership. The current government in Islamabad has been unable to provide good governance. What is clear is that a movement is rising in Pakistan. People are looking for a new leader and aspiring for hope. Pakistan is facing a critical moment, especially after the recent events in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Good governance can only come with credible leadership, and out of the leaders given in the options, Imran Khan is the only credible leader.

Photo by World Economic Forum.

40 Responses to Imran Khan Beats Opposition Leader Nawaz Sharif And Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani As Most Popular Leader of Pakistan

  1. hassan says:

    i wish he comes this time with full FORCE in FEDRAL n LOCAL GOV !!! … we r tired of these corrupt politicians !!! …………………….

    • baber says:

      You can see the environment in Pakistan Only Nawaz shareef can take Pakistan to the progressive side Nawaz shareef zinda bad Pakistan zinda bad

  2. Khurram says:

    He is the only honest leader who will fight for Pakistan. Will give something from his pocket to save the country not like other who fill their pockets and run away. He will fight for the dignity and honor of Pakistan as he has always done. Long live Imran……

    • baber says:

      nobody can beat Nawz shareef because truth can not be defeated kiun k jo nara Nawaz shareef nei lgaya usko poora b kia hei aur umeed hei k ab jo kahein ge poora karein ge kiun k sachai hi leader ship ke sai hone ka dawa hei sirf hawai fire krne se kuch b nai hota hei youth iss baat ko samajhti hei aur jo nai samajhte unka Allah hafiz

  3. ahmad gull says:


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  5. Aslam khan says:

    Islamic republic of Pakistan going through deep deep trouble and worse time since 1947 our nation has bear what ever nation could but not any more as Chairman stated in his speeches we already hit the bottom rock . Pakistan nation have no more confidence on these big name parties and their leaderships

    Most of them has been robbed nation wealth led this nation to in poverty .

    So compare with those only leader and party and choice left is

    Tehreek e insaf chairman Imran Khan people have so much hope and trust on IK he is hope our nation but we need transparent Election

    PTI need support from judiciary and chief of Army to make sure election should held transparent and law and order must maintained this election should held watched under the arms forces of Pakistan so one could interfere or rigged

    Or harass citizen at voting poll .

    I have fear and doubt on opperessorer and corrupt system and enemies of Pakistan will try to failed us will try to defeat patriot leadership and our poor Natio

    PTI defeat will be whole nation and Pakistan defeat will consider, so people of Pakistan must act now and demand the chief Justice and chief of Army to work for fair election other wise history and people of Pakistan will never forgive them.

    PTI Chairman is hope our youth must come to the street and deman the fair election and stand up for movement of justice .

    May Allah protect our great leader and nation and grant us victory

    And successful and prosperity of Pakistan

    Long live IK long live Pakistan .

    • baber says:

      he will never win even his own seat because he is only a good cricketer and Amir sohail has chalenged him to face him in election on the ticket of PMLN who believes that Nawaz shareef is the politician not the cricketer and Pakistan need the person like him who gives us a faith Pakistan zinda bad

  6. zahid says:

    imran khan is the best man i like him
    inshallah wo zaror ilekshan jetega he is honest man

  7. Fayyaz says:

    I wish that your believes may be correct about Imran Khan " dhood ka jala chaach be phoonk ke peeta hai"

    • baber says:

      do you forget when he support Musharaf who is the cause of drone in Pakistan and now his saying stop drone we do forget him

  8. rai saad says:

    we want imran khan to be our leader… so Pakistan– Vote for a change.

  9. kamran says:

    He is from a rare breed of politician.We are so fortunate to have him.Let us support PTI.

  10. Muddassar says:

    From recent scenario, Imran Khan is the only leader who can lead country and bring prosperity to the people of Pakistan. I will vote him and request to others that vote him for change. Wish you all the best Imran khan and Pakistan zindabad.

  11. naveed chaudary says:

    Imran is a good leader but he can not stand against Army. He had not blame ISI and Army in ramond davis case. and by the way there is no case of curruption against nawaz sharif in his whole political life so far.

    • Capt Chisty says:

      My Dear Naveed Chaudary
      I am sure that you are joking or you are completly out of touch with pakistan’s political history.
      However there may be a possibility of you mixing up Nawaz Shareef with Imran Khan.
      Have a good day


  12. shahzad latif khan says:

    looking forward for imran khan pti chairman as a next pakistan prime minister inshallah

  13. Nizam Shah says:

    Imran Khan is our next PM , Inshah Alah.

  14. Imran khalid says:

    This current most corrupted gov needs to be out… And with my best hope inshallah imran khan and with left over seats musharif in next government

  15. Ahsen Javed says:

    Imran Khan is likely to win good amount of seats but he must form an alliance with Nawaz Sharif to ensure PPP does not return as winner in the next elections.

  16. Asif Nawaz says:

    Imran Khan will never come up with prays or by keep on saying he should come up and etc. WE NEED to ELECT HIM.
    Please, when you go to cast your vote; think about Pakistan not about your local or family interests.
    We say, those corrupt people, they did this..they did that….but think once; who put them in power…WE elected them…and if now they are kicking our asses..its not they have is becasue we are letting them.

    So please when it comes the time to cast your for PAKISTAN…vote for Imran Khan…

  17. I think, now the time has come for a complete over-hauling of establishment and other forces. Imran should allow these corrupt people (leaders, generals, journalists, judges and other CSS officers) who earned countless money in shape of bribery, kickbacks, commission etc. etc. to bring their black money in pakistan. Imran Govt. should not have asked them the source of their income and inject such huge funds (billions of US dollars) in pakistan economy. This will enable Pakistan for even preparation of tax free budget for decades. I wish him all the very best in his career and life…….

  18. asif khan says:

    imran actually support ppp.he will cut the right sided vote and ppp will be win next election and he will be responsible for the forming of next ppp dont vote for imran my dear

  19. asif khan says:

    PML n will form n ext govt.nawaz

  20. asif khan says:

    PML n will form n ext govt.nawaz sharif most popular leader of the country

  21. Muhammad shafiq Abbasi says:

    I will request youth of pakistan please work hard,register yourself as voter,convince your elders to vote for Imran,come out get out dirt and rise with Imran. work for change. don’t be indifferent, your role is very important. use your messaging skill to convince people. For God sake bring the change. Nawaz sharif in government mean another 4? year lost in conflicts.

  22. baber says:

    Nawaz shareef is the hope for Pakistani people the most revolutionarry pesonality in Pakistan who give us a confidence to say Pakistan zinda bad

  23. Saleem khan says:

    my vote for imran Khan is best leder

  24. faisal chaudhry says:

    only newaz sharif…imran khan agent of avoide him

  25. mqs says:

    imran kabi bi qoum ko lead nahi ker sakta kiyon k is main wo leadership waly getus nahi hain jo log in k sath shamil ho rehy hain wo jazbati toor per shamil ho rehy hain yani cherhty soraj ko salam wali bat hey in k sath wo hony wala hey jo mian azhar k sath un ki party ney kiya tha

  26. mqs says:

    imran ko aik tajveez zaror don ga k wo nawaz sharif k sath mil ker qoum ko lead kery aur apni jaga banaye aur ye wo qoum hey ju jis k ander buhat kuch hey mil ker chalo us k sath achy reho gy

  27. Sohrab ahmad says:

    Imran khan is the best for current time bcoz we all are tide of old is time for change best of luck IMRAN KHAN

  28. Sohrab ahmad says:

    Imran khan is the best becoz he is honest and we all are tide of old faces.i have great recpest for ppp due tou Zulfiqar ali Bhtoo unfortunitly there is no other leadr in ppp like BHto.i think nawaz is not so bad as a leadr BUT this is time for change it is ricky but “if there is no rick than there will be always ricks”at the end i must say being pakistane we all are unite despite the fact our point view may be diffrent long live Pakistan best of luck imran khan