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“I feel like Marilyn Monroe tonight” – Jaylyn Ducati

“I feel like Marilyn Monroe tonight” – Jaylyn Ducati

Remixed by Grammy Award-winning dubstep phenom Skrillex, Jaylyn Ducati is ready to haunt the minds of dance music devotees with her infectious hit, “Disco Dangers” dropping Tuesday, April 17, 2012 on iTunes.

“I feel like Marilyn Monroe tonight,”

croons Jaylyn, a twenty four year old Italian Jew from Brooklyn, New York. But the dark secret behind the club-friendly track lies in the lyrics. Jaylyn penned the track herself after escaping from a deranged lover who tried to kill her.

The song is about her real life experience with a man whom she admits, “almost drove her to the edge.” She
explained that he enjoyed hurting her and watching her cry and that he never intended to love her. You can expect to see a lot more of Jaylyn, whose combination of real emotion and raw beats are just what dance music has been missing.


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