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How Much Proof Do You Really Need?

How Much Proof Do You Really Need?

There is an old saying that goes: “I’m from Missouri Prove It”.

I am going to make you so sorry you made that statement.

Go here. . Go ahead. I’ll wait right here. After you have cranked your jaw back up into your skull, we can continue the discussion.

Are you back? Good. I would like to remind you that you could have found out about this by going here:


Please note that the original goal Seth had was to quell the doubting Thomases with his publisher. They made a gentleman’s bet that if Seth could raise $40,000, they would by his logic.


Approximately 72 hours from launch, something north of $200,000 has been pledged. While the no-brainer option is a minimum commitment of four bucks, I felt like a big spender, and kicked in an even five bucks.


While Seth is excellent at challenging the ‘lizard brain’ in all of us, when he goes home I think he must be doing some sort of Irish jig, and at least mentally saying to himself: “ha ha! Take that you suckers!”


I am not saying we all have to be as smart as Seth. What we do have to do is copy a playbook from people as smart as Seth.


Look at how he laid out his gig at Kickstarter.


Notice not everything he laid out on the funding options took off like a pocket rocket, while others are sold out.


To me that only shows he walks his talk. That being you don’t have to be perfect. You have to get out there and show up in the game.


I’m no Seth. I’m not Bill Gates. I admire greatly, one of these two individuals (I’ll let you guess who is who). I do know both of them are successful.


That’s because they did their research as best they could, and then took a risk and went with excellence versus perfection.


Begin your studies here at crowd source funding reviews.


Then get out there and risk being a failure. Without risking failure, I guarantee you will never have success.

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