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Hosni Mubarak In The Court Room Cage

Hosni Mubarak In The Court Room Cage

According to the latest reports, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak has been accused of corruption and for being involved in killing the protesters. Today he has gone for a trial, in the court room cage. The court room trial of Hosni Mubarak has delighted all those who over threw him and rang an alarm bell for all other autocrats around the Arab world.

The Egyptians are still in a shock because the man who ruled them for thirty years was wheeled behind the bars of a courtroom cage in a hospital bed. He had to hear the charges that could carry a death penalty for him.

Hosni Mubarak is the first Arab leader to stand a trial in person. Mubarak has two sons, Gamal and Alaa. They were in the defendant’s cage with their father, clutching the copies of Quran. They stood beside Habib al-Adli, the former Interior Minister, and 6 senior security officials.

Hosni Mubarak denied all those accusations. The prosecutor accused Mubarak of intending to kill the peaceful protesters during the 18-day revolt. Mubarak was also charged with corruption and for wasting the public funds. According to the prosecutor, Mubarak had authorized Adli to use live ammunition to quell the demonstrations.

The new goverment  demanded for the execution of Adli,  acting for all the eight hundred and fifty people, who were killed during the unrest. A military council took over when Hosni quit. This council was led by Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein, who is a long serving Defense Minister. The Defense lawyers asked the Defense Minister to testify as a witness.

According to some military analysts, Hosni wants to embroil the Defense Minister and the generals in council, although they all have admitted that they were given orders by Hosni to fire at the protestors to disband them.

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