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Fox News And Apple Hacked Over The Weekend Of Fourth of July

Fox News And Apple Hacked Over The Weekend Of Fourth of July

As it has always been in news that various game companies such as Sega and many more are being hacked by a cyber hacker and they have suffered losses. The last weekend was an Independence Day weekend, simply the Fourth July weekend and over this holiday weekend, the targets of the hackers were Apple and the Fox News. The news says that the hackers have been working all over the weekend to hack Fox News and Apple.

In this cyber hacking case of Apple and Fox News, the hackers have been sending several tweets and infiltrated an account of the Fox news, which were completely false, and those tweets say that Obama, the President, had been assassinated. These hackers also exposed several password combinations and emails that are related to Fox News and Apple.

On one hand the Americans were happily celebrating their Independence Day without knowing that on the other end the hackers are taking control of the Twitter account of Fox News. These hackers sent around six tweets. These tweets stated that according to Fox News, the President has been killed on Fourth of July.

These tweets were noticed at about 5 am and by afternoon, the Twitter suspended the account and the control was returned to the Fox News. As expected, the hackers changed the password of the account; therefore it was unable for the news outlet to access the account. After several hours they got the access.

The network of the above mentioned news network circulated that it is working to sort out the problem and will soon find out that what had happened. The news outlet also mentioned that they expect from the Twitter to investigate completely about this incident so that it does not happen again in the future. The tweets were taken down when the news outlet got the control of the account.

Phot by Mat Honan.

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