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Fiverr Survey Reveals Freedom in the Tough Job Market

Fiverr Survey Reveals Freedom in the Tough Job Market Naturally Good Cooking Cover

In a survey conducted by Fiverr.Com,


a surprising 14% of its sellers report that there gigs are a primary source of income. Two thirds of the sellers consider their gigs as a business.

More than a third of the sellers complete their gigs in 20 min. or less, generating a net income of at least $12 an hour.

While many people talk about the sometimes odd and/or bizarre gig offerings, the study surprised the staff here when it revealed 47% of the sellers have at least a bachelors degree.

Certainly, while nobody is getting rich at $12 an hour, it sure as heck beats looking to the government for food stamps when there are no jobs to be found.

Further, you cannot put food stamps in the gas tank.

In reviewing the study I noticed one category of gig offerings specifically not mentioned. The “Other” category. Fiverr gave no percentage listings of sales in this arena. I find this curious because I see an up growing possibility here where it can be potentially a serious competitor to an unlikely web giant,

Consider the gig:

The old man (Tcat) found this gig right after it went up, and said to us:

“Guys, look at this!”

It’s an e-book with a pretty nice rounded collection of recipes, generously laced with a good amount of fun, professional artwork. Unquestionably a great deal for only five bucks. And that was not the old man’s point.

What he found intriguing was here is a couple (Melissa and Michael Goshen) publishing their own e-book and in effect, telling to go to hell. By listing the book at, the commission they are paying is lower (20%) / one dollar, and effectively have zero competition.

Certainly the staff here at TRCBNews understands that creating an entire book as professional as the Naturally Good Cooking e-book takes more upfront effort then creating a design on top of a cappuccino and photographing it. It takes as much work as producing a real book takes.

And the rewards are potentially much higher than taking that same work and competing in the Amazon marketplace.

I got a hold of the authors, and they said:

“Fiverr has helped me get the money I need to get by through these
harsh economic times. Releasing my book on Fiverr helped to getting my
book out there and get sales right away!”

While we have written about Fiverr before, we can say they are ‘growing up’. Are they perfect, no.

Other users I spoke with complain about reaching Level 2  (out of 3 levels) status. One beef is while a seller specifies X days to deliver, a buyer can order multiple gigs, without multiplying the days to deliver, per gig.

This created cancellations, which Fiverr scored against the seller.

Ah, growing pains.

In our testing of Fiverr we have found our own issues. Sometimes an attempt to create a new gig results in error messages, without any hint as to what the error is, beyond ‘illegal value’ without being given a hint to what is illegal. This results in a Fivver guessing game.

Customer Service tickets are handled Very Quickly. And sometimes the customer service rep is as clueless as the ‘illegal value’ answer, which is no answer.

Yes, has a bit more to figure out.

And they are well on their way to greatness.


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