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Facebook Study Claims Phillies’ Fans as Most Loyal

Facebook Study Claims Phillies’ Fans as Most Loyal

Philadelphia Phillies fans were named as the “meanest in America” by the latest edition of GQ Magazine. Incidents such as vomiting on innocent girls and Booing Santa Claus made them earn this label.

But according to the Facebook’s data team, Phillies fans are the most loyal. The survey which looked at millions of members around the world stated that Phillies’ fans were the least likely to cheer for any other team but Phillies. Furthermore, approximately 60% of the Philadelphia fans were friends of other Phillies’ fans on the Facebook.

A few other meaningful conclusions drawn by the Facebook survey are as follow:

  • As The Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals have nearly half of their Facebook fans as females; they are surely loved by women.
  • Oakland A’s and Washington Nationals fans are the most social: having an average of above 500 Facebook friends, Oakland fans topped all other teams while D.C. fans averaged 450 friends.
  • Fans of last year’s World Series teams are a contrast in red and blue which clearly states that the Rangers fans are conservative where-as Giants fans are liberal
  • The Yankees and Red Sox are the most loved, not only far but also wide: The Bronx Bombers having as much as 3 million Facebook fans, while the Bosox have over 2 million. According to the Mercury News, The teams’ charm is not only limited to the Big Apple and Beantown, the fans live farther away on average from Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park than any other teams’ fans.

Photo by kisforkate.

3 Responses to Facebook Study Claims Phillies’ Fans as Most Loyal

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