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Discover The New FaceBook Game, Weeds

Discover The New FaceBook Game, Weeds

According to The Atlantic, a new Face Book game has been launched and it is named as “Weeds”. There are loads of people who play the famous game Farm Ville, but now they can upgrade themselves to the Weeds Social Club. In the Weeds Social Club, one can grow the real cash crop, marijuana. Earlier in the Farmville game, people use to grow soybeans and corn only.

The new Face Book game, Weeds, is launched yesterday, on the 27th of June’2011. This game is basically the latest extension for the producers of Hollywood. These producers have mastered TV Shows and action figures, and this game complements the Showtime’s Weeds.

According to the “Businessweek”, the now frontier for the Hollywood films includes the social games that are played on Face Book. “Weeds” is a very controversial project that has just entered the space. In the Face Book games, some characters will be featured such as from the Disney’s Cars 2.

For the new game Weeds, various new characters are planned, and it has also been recalled that children who are under 13 are not allowed to use the platform of Face Book, but every one knows that there are various profiles of underage kids.

In the Weeds Social Club, the adult players have to grow and also have to buy various strains of the marijuana. Later they have to harvest them and finally sell them. It is an extremely interesting game and it is expected that the Face Book players will love it.

The president of the digital media of the Weeds is Curt Marvis. The engaged users are enjoying breathing and a living experience. The game has been approved by the Face Book and this game does not break any kind of laws according to the creators of the game.

Photo by Weeds Social Club.

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