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Crowd Funding Versus Wall Street

Crowd Funding Versus Wall Street

Sites such as certainly are not alone. I remember hearing an old saying which says: “if you’re alone in an industry, your weird. If there are two of you, there is competition and you are in the middle of an industry.

Crowd funding certainly has become an industry unto its own.

There is a reason for that. The answer is: Wall Street Greed. Completely unrelated to this topic I have been doing serious research on the mortgage meltdown issue that began in 2008. The elevator story is the financial markets found a brilliant way, (really brilliant) to bring in trillions of dollars of money. The fact that it gamed the system causing the Great Recession of 2008, which is still ongoing is not the point. Nor is it the point that my research is shown how Revenge on Wall Street could be had.

More to the point of this piece is Revenge on Wall Street is showing up in more ways than one. While on the other vain my research has shown how to use legal means to battle Wall Street’s largely not legal tactics, it appears nature hates a void. This is why there are sites such as

I first came across HTTP:// after discovering kickstarter as a site for a comparison of sites like kickstarter. Out of its list and my personal research I have found I like HTTP:// the best. In the interest of full disclosure, I actually started helping a small company launch at as a unique way to help both the company and its previously published and not have attained the status of a Stephen King in publishing.

I dropped out of the project not because the publisher had assigned to me responsibility with no money. It was after I took on the assignment and my work was ‘realigned and published’ without my being informed I knew my integrity was in jeopardy.

This in no way is a poor reflection on GoFundMe.

As all this is in a very rapid state of development, I am just now contacting this kickstarter alternative to see if they have the legal rights to cancel the project. I will understand if GoFundMe says “sorry, you are not the project owner”.

I guess it brings up the old adage: “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

You have my personal apology from me, Tcat Houser, for organizing a project at GoFundMe.

I am glad not many of my friends got too far into the project before an egotistical megalomaniac gave authority and then operated as a superior authority, outside of contractual agreement.

I am and will continue to be grateful to for showing me the alternative to at, will continue to pursue the natural alternative to the greed of Wall Street and egotistical megalomaniacs.


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