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ARM-ATOM-CES-Win8 And Analysts

ARM-ATOM-CES-Win8 And Analysts

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It’s a good thing that pontification no longer requires dead trees. Otherwise far too many people would be eligible for legal charges of crimes against nature. Specifically the wanton destruction of trees.

The amount of energy spent discussing the fact that Steve Ballmer announced this is the last CES for Microsoft, as if it mattered, merely just seriously disturbed some countless trillions of electrons.

I do have to give a tip of the hat to Robert X. Cringely

“Assuming Metro works as well on a tablet as it does on a smartphone, we may finally have a viable competitor to the iPad, where the 297 different Android tablets have yet to make a dent. “

There’s something I share with Cringely. We’re both now old farts that grew up in this industry. Oh Steve Ballmer sits in those categories as well.

Over the decades more often than not, I have found myself agreeing with Cringely. And even when I have not, I must admit to thoroughly enjoying his snarkiness. In the past I have with at least a modicum of enthusiasm agreed with him that Microsoft needs to replace Steve Ballmer as CEO. I no longer share Mr. Cringely’s opinion. And it’s not just because Steve used to really enjoy my homegrown Seattle Super Salsa.

History can certainly show that while Steve was at the helm of the SS Microsoft the iconic firm either missed the boat or hit an iceberg depending on whatever analogy is most pleasing to you. Witness tablet mania. Or for that matter, anything mobile. In the recent past I would be one of the first to say: “Take My Windows Phone… PLEASE!” Yet it is completely unfair to lay this all at the feet of Steve Ballmer.

I was a Redmond campus fixture as far back as when Cringely referred to them as the Bellevue Bullies (they haven’t moved yet). My roots with Microsoft back to DOS version 1. Where things really that great under King bill? I don’t think so. Consider how Microsoft missed the web browser. If it was not for the infamous speech at CES from the leader of Netscape (” today the browser, tomorrow the operating system “), Bill would have never woken up and lead management changes akin to China’s Great Cultural Revolution. How long did it take for Microsoft to decide to take on Nintendo and Sony with the Xbox? I could write a book of the missed opportunities at Microsoft. And the point is, that was yesterday and today is now.

So while I admire your analysis and always have Mr. Cringely, I no longer think it matters whether you think the CEO of Microsoft should move on or whether he likes how I used to make salsa. Microsoft is clearly managing to do something Apple still struggling with. That is emerging OS X and iOS.

Jack Gold  was on the show floor and made a few interesting points and it’s expensive ATOM initiative. It was almost like he and Cringely were having dinner comparing notes. As the analyst pointed out: a consumer would notice if an Android phone performs faster on the Atom platform.

While I may be (much) more bullish about Windows 8 on ARM then Mr. Gold overall, that may depend on what your view of success is. Mr. Golds skepticism is based on the fact that legacy Windows apps (Windows 7 and older) will not run on the ARM. He correctly points out Microsoft developed NT for both the Power PC and DEC Apha CPUs, only to abandon them.

Mr. Gold, I think it’s a little more complicated than that. If there is going to be a battle in the mobile market with dueling CPUs (ARM and Intel Atom), I believe Mr. Ballmer is leading the charge to victory, in effect selling arms to both sides of the battle.

As Cringely points out “it’s the apps, stupid.

I don’t think anybody is looking for data center servers using ARM CPUs to be running exchange. At least not in the year 2012.

I have to ask you the reader, does this make sense? Praise or pan my thoughts below.


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  1. who are you calling an old fart? ;->


    • Tcat Houser says:

      hummm…. both of us ;) I have been following you the the huge sized dead tree version of InfoWord.