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Laughter (the Sound) as Art (The Multi-Media)

Laughter (the Sound) as Art (The Multi-Media)
The Painted Laugh

Making Laughs Visible and Viewable

Truth be told, as a longtime global road warrior, I do have my favorite cities. San Diego, California, certainly makes my top 10 list. It is much more than the weather and the food. It is the vibrant art community, which I find just as compelling as Berlin, Germany.


A recent example of what makes San Diego a world-class destination was recently published in the San Diego Home/Garden lifestyles publication. Reporter Melissa Raunch covered a piece about a Carlsbad artist by the name of Sonya Landis that created a very compelling artistic website known as


Reading the article revealed a profound example of where our challenges often give us hidden gifts. It turns out the pretty artist/mom has a neurological condition where two senses involuntarily cross. The medical condition is known as Synesthesia. In her particular case, soundwaves can become colorful swirls around the audio output.


When she heard her son laughing and her medical ‘condition’ revealed the beauty of laughter as light, she painted it.


To say her work has become popular in Southern California and nationally would become a laughable understatement. Recently, she has added a digitized recording of the actual laughter being represented individual color on canvas.


To say it is striking and moving stand as testament of my amateurish ability as a wordsmith, when compared to the Southern California residents work.

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